Puleo International Inc.

Puleo started making artificial Christmas trees more than 65 years ago. In the fifties, there were other artificial Christmas trees in the market, but Puleo did things better. Today, people know and trust the Puleo name for artificial Christmas trees and holiday decor, all of which carry a rich history of celebrating with family during the holidays. Not only that, you can celebrate any holiday with Puleo wherever you are because Puleo is not just a
national tree company, they’re now an international tree company selling to countries across the globe.

Springtime Products

  • The New York Times Wirecutter

    As seen on The New York Times Wirecutter, reviewers added the Puleo 7.5-foot Royal Majestic Douglas Fir Downswept Tree as a top choice. Highlights include its competitive price and realistic look.
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  • Good Housekeeping

    As seen on Good Housekeeping, editors reviewed 14 White Artificial Christmas Trees and picked Puleo’s Pre-Lit White Fraser Fir Pencil Artificial Christmas Tree as the best Slim White Christmas Tree.
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  • Business Insider

    As seen onBusiness Insider, they reviewed different artificial Christmas trees. From tabletop to majestic full trees, the Puleo Pre-Lit Fraser Fir Pencil Artificial Tree takes top honors among trees that don’t take up much space.
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